We believe that urban poverty is multi-dimensional. Therefore we provide a wide variety of interventions, all of which have a long-term, holistic focus, deal with the root causes of urban poverty (economic development, public health, youth and children’s leadership & development, trauma recovery) involve community members in decision-making, and emphasize slum-dwellers’ leadership development.

We believe that urban poverty is essentially a breakdown of relationships. Therefore, we engage in community organizing to build trust among slum residents and strengthen social capital. We also build bridges between slum dwellers and the middle and upper class in order create opportunities for relational collaboration in transformational change

We believe that urban poverty exists because of socioeconomic, political, bureaucratic, cultural and religious processes and systems that disempower the poor. Therefore, we develop coalitions and broad-based networks in order to build the citizen power necessary to take on systemic issues such as promoting good urban governance and social justice.