Holistic: We Look for Holistic Transformation

A sustainable change in urban slums never comes from an unidimensional intervention. It is only reached when poverty is addressed from different angles: including emotional, economic, social, environmental, spiritual, and sistemic transformation. Therefore, we seek holistic transformation of people and it’s communities, to fulfill our mission, work and life  on the values of love, justice, peace and reconciliation. As we seek holistic transformation, we seek to ourselves to be transformed.

Engagement: We are Engaged to Bring to Life our Vision

We acknowledge that holistic transformation is a complex process that demands hard work and engagement for the long run. Fast solutions do not work . Our purpose is to promote and stablish a model in contrast with a holistic  and hopefull view about the future engaging in presevere on this vision turned into a reality that might impact in a wider and deep way to a critical mass of people.

Participation: We Promote Participation and People’s Developement

For us, the leadership and the participatipon of those who we serve as a critical factor to create and sustain change it’s a priority. We strive to catalyze a movement of people as agents of change to multiply the impact and we value the developement of people and the stregthen of their capabilities as one of the means to that end. We encourage and actively accompany those who assume ownership and that seek growth to reach our mission and vision, trough the establishment of sistems that work to identify, train, grow and produce leaders so they can train others to become leaders as well.

Relations: We Consider that Relationships and Reconciliation are a Priority

We believe that the rupture of relationships is the core of poverty and that reconciliation of this relationships at all levels is the key to overcome poverty and injustice, allowing people to work in a cooperation model to renew their lives and their communities. This is why, we consider that it is a priority to build healthy and trustfull relationships that encourage  the restoration of our mutual relational rupture. We also, value our team members as a natural extention of reconciled relationships.

Excelence: We Value Excelence and Innovation

Our goal is to work with excelence following the best practices and standars and developing professional habilities needed within our organizaion and within the communities we work for, to accomplish growing and sustainable results. We encourage innovation, the kind of work that seeks to find new ways to solve old issues, while we seek to apply our financial and human resources in ways that maximize the impact and provide benefits for more people.

Transparency: We Value Honesty and  Transparency

Our purpose is to be honest and aware of what we say and do, in the way we manage our finances and relationsips with one another, with our beneficieries, our donors and with the government. We strive to be transparent and accountable in our institutional life.

Asociation: We are Inclusive Partners 

We recognize the task of transforming urban slums beyond the capability of one single organization. That is why we seek to work hand in hand with people trapped in poverty and opression and facilitate the cooperation between the different actors, including community groups, other organizations, churches, local governments and the bussiness community, recognizing companionship as a key element to advance on social justice. Doing this, we work without prejudices with people of all kinds of faith and those who don’t have one, always watching not to damage our core values.

Reproducibility: We Focus on the Reproducibility and Growth

Our purpose is to work to create a platform of local sustainability, avoiding dependency and developing methodologies, systems, relationships, organizations and networks needed to sustain, grow, reproduce and multiply our vision and mission towards new areas. We also, seek to promote the creation of income sources locally that are able to sustain transformational work.


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