Transformación Urbana Internacional A.C. is a humanitarian organization that works with urban slum dwellers and their communities in order to help them reach their full potential by addressing the underlying factors that cause poverty, violence and injustice.

We are dedicated to work for the holistic transformation of urban poor communities. We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, political opinion or gender. A distinctive aspect of our approach is to live among the people we serve, voluntarily entering into relationships that become a mutual blessing.

We believe that overcoming poverty is not a one-way street. In fact, the people with whom we work have much to contribute to their own development and therefore need to be encouraged and empowered to take responsibility for the future of their communities.  Transformación Urbana Internacional therefore exists to facilitate the development, implementation and transmission of a reproducible model for the holistic transformation of urban poor communities, equipping people to become agents of change and dedicated partners in reducing poverty, violence and corruption and building healthier cities.

We employ a multifaceted strategy to holistically address urban poverty. From the strengthening of civil society, to community and public health, community and economic development, environmental upgrading, the development of servant leaders, sports and cultural initiatives, training of young people and children as change agents, engaging families and individuals in emotional healing processes, promoting urban design solutions and building networks and coalitions for advocacy purposes. Whenever possible, we seek to integrate income generation models into our projects in order to contribute towards the sustainability of our work.

Transformación Urbana Internacional was founded in March of 2007 and consists of a small but growing group of professionals and volunteers from around the world.


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