Project ProNiñez – Holistic Development for Children


Mexico is a country that is characterized for having extreme inequality, particularly in the areas of opportunity for healthy development in children. This phenomenon is intensified in the slums of large cities in this country.

These children, for the many social, economic and cultural transitions that the country has faced, especially the poorer classes, in recent decades are the ones that have less possibilities of healthy development. Over half of the families are disintegrated due to migration patterns and domestic violence. About 70% of women suffer from psychological, economic and social violence, whereas five of 10 women experience physical domestic abuse, according to CEAVIF (Centro de Atención a la Violencia Familiar) in Chimalhuacan. Above the economic pressures and the high rates of domestic abuse and violence. The hard access to educational and recreational opportunities keep this fringe of the population with many boundaries for its full growth. While many families want to care well for their children, often they don’t have the economic, educational or emotional resources to do so well. For this reason, Chimalhuacán is among the top three municipalities in the Mexico City metropolitan area that produce street children and many of the children living there should be considered children at risk

ProNiñez, Project Description

ProNiñez was created as a response to this need, as a way to provide children and their families a support network. The project exists to help children appropriate life skills and life-giving values, improve educational attainment and nutritional health, while working alongside their families and local schools to provide them with needed support, so they can become change agents in their own right and have opportunities to build healthy and sustainable life projects  and develop as healthy individuals. ProNiñez seeks to achieve its goals through the:

  1. Implementation of recreational activities and sports for children, such as summer school
  2. Creating reproducible children’s clubs and homework clubs in local schools and Communities that focus on Promoting children’s rights, preventing sexual abuse, encouraging children to care for their environment and realize small community improvement projects, teaching basic health lessons, helping children appropriate for healthy self-image, while providing educational assistance so they can reach their academic potential. In Addition, we promote the role of children, especially in the reflection of its problems, its family, school and community.
  3. Working closely to the kindergarden and primary schools to promote a process of education for peace  to diminish bullying and violence in schools, in addition, we offer parenting classes and establish nutrition programs for malnourished children, through the selective distribution of nutritional supplements and the accompaniment to families and children with malnutrition and obesity.
  4. Education, training and ongoing mentoring of adult volunteers in promoting servant leadership, character, sexual-reproductive health and life projects so that they in turn may reproduce their new knowledge with others based on the model of peer education.
  5. Formation and training of volunteer promoters in servant leadership, emotional and psychological health, children’s healthy development, nutrition and popular education that will help to promote the holistic development of the children  through their  weekly accompaniment to the children and their monthly visits to the families of participating children to work with the parents to provide a better environment for their children.
  6. Networking and a negotiating team for children’s issues that impact on state and municipal authorities to promote the holistic development of children
  7. Reproduction: ProNiñez finally assists community-based organizations, schools and faith communities to adopt its model of development of children, accompanying them and training them to start their own children’s clubs, which exponentially increase our impact.


In the past couple of  years ProNiñez has impacted directly to 500 children, from which currently has more than 150 participants weekly in kid’s clubs and homework clubs. ProNiñez  has also contributed on the creation of a nutritional program for 650 children.



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