We seek to transform urban slums by equipping the urban poor to become change agents in their own communities. This in turn will contribute to the building of healthier cities where people can live purposeful and dignified lives. We do this by living among the people we serve, sharing life, practising hospitality, building bridges between the poor and non-poor and by engaging in the following strategic interventions:

  1. Community Organizing & Community Development
  2. Increasing Civic Participation & Strengthening Civil Society
  3. Developing Capable Servant Leaders who have Vision and Integrity
  4. Promoting Community & Family Health
  5. Sports, Recreation and Life Skills Training for Children and Youth
  6. Developing Youth & Children as Change Agents
  7. Developing Educational Initiatives and Community Arts
  8. Offering Psycho-Spiritual Counselling and Emotional Health Retreats
  9. Economic & Business Development
  10. Building Relational Bridges between Civil Society-Business-Government
  11. Doing Networking and Coalition Building
  12. Engaging in Public Defence and Advocacy for Better Governance
  13. Contributing to Urban Design Research and Research on other Pertinent Issues
  14. Provide consulting, coaching and technical assistance to civic organizations, agencies and churches interested in making a difference in urban slums

Our overarching goal is to develop a change model that strategically addresses four core areas of poverty. Our desire is that this change model can be adapted, reproduced and multiplied by other civic organizations, social actors, churches etc. in Mexico City and beyond so that many more slum dwellers can experience a better live.


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