Whether it’s in a coffee house, a concert arena, your classroom or church, or simply on a wall, tell your friends, neighbors, classmates, coworkers, relatives, and more about the issue of urban poverty. Let people know you are passionate about the issue, share the story of Transformación Urbana Internacional and grow the movement. How?


  • Social Networking: Have you got a wide following on Twitter? We’re developing a new group of volunteers willing to use their online presence and following to increase ours. If you’re a blogger, Tweeter or have an impressive Facebook friends list we’d love to chat. We want to develop a network of individuals willing to post about us. People are looking around for a leader to help them take steps in the fight against urban poverty. Perhaps that leader is you. So become an advocate by representing our cause and telling your followers how they can join us in bringing urban poverty to an end, one community at a time. Email the link to our website to others and bring Transformación Urbana Internacional and the challenge of urban slums to your community.


  • Networking and Advocating: Are you a natural networker? Intentionally connect Transformación Urbana Internacional to individuals, foundations, businesses or churches you know that may want to give to international causes. Act as a liaison to these and other resources that may be useful to our work and specific projects. Encourage business owners and social entrepreneurs among your friends to use a percentage of their business profits towards the work of Transformación Urbana Internacional. Organize a creative exposé, drama, art event or concert at your school, work, social club or church to expose people about the reality of urban poverty worldwide. Become an advocate!


For more information or if you’re interested to share the story and become an advocate, send the following form to tell@urbantransformation.org and we’ll get back to you!

Tell the story and become an advocate!


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