Interested in seeing what’s happening on the field with your own eyes? Once or twice a year (usually in the spring and fall) we offer Come & See Vision Weekends or Open House Days so you can personally get to know Transformación Urbana Internacional’s work among the urban poor for a weekend (you arrive on a Friday afternoon and leave on a Monday). This brief educational trip of discovery and encounter will expose you to the reality of urban slum dwellers and put faces to poverty statistics, as you personally meet with local leaders and get to know people who are fighting to bring about change. Come & See Vision Weekends are designed for individuals, and representatives of foundations, businesses and churches interested in deepening their understanding of the challenge of urban slums, while seeking to learn of concrete solutions, and exploring ways to become personally involved and develop a partnership with us. Send us a note to to express your interest in participating in a Come & See Vision Weekend and we’ll get in touch!

Come and See!


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