Would you like to be part of a miracle? Every year, through the dedication of individuals, groups, foundations, churches, schools and clubs money is raised for Transformación Urbana Internacional. We have lots of ways you can get involved and have fun while helping us to lift urban poor people out of poverty. Your hard work and dedication will make a real and lasting difference to those living in poverty in Mexico City’s urban slums.

Be inspired and get involved, become the change that’s needed and make a real difference. Find out more about how you can raise funds for Transformación Urbana Internacional.

Here’s our simple guide for some fundraising ideas…

  • Give Personally: Give a one-time gift. Or contribute one day of your wages to fight urban poverty. Or adopt one of our projects and make a monthly contribution to it. Did you know that for one child to participate in our children’s initiative it only costs $5 a month! You could also support a church planter or community worker on a monthly basis for up to two years, until his/her salary can be sustained by local resources. Turn your birthday, graduation or wedding anniversary into a mini-fundraiser. Host a benefit dinner. Or a bake sale.  Sell some of the stuff you don’t use and give somebody else a shot at using it. Then take that cash and re-invest it into helping lift a community of people out of urban poverty.  You get more space, someone else gets stuff you weren’t using, and you both bring choices to people whose choices are limited. Go to our Donate  page to process your donation and indicate what you’d like to support or contact us at give@urbantransformation.org for more information and we’ll get in touch!
  • Group for a Cause Campaign: Consider mobilizing others to give to the urban poor instead of collecting more items that you all probably could do without. To do so create your own “Group for a Cause Campaign”, which is a great opportunity for friends, families, schools, churches, businesses and other communities to come together in the collective effort to fight urban poverty. “Group for a Cause” enables a simple process where groups can mobilize their community, create their group campaign, and partner with Transformación Urbana Internacional in raising awareness and funds for a specific project you want to support to empower those living in urban poverty. Share and promote your group campaign. Let your community know via email, Facebook, Twitter, house parties, and anything else you can think of. For more information on how you can start a “Group for a Cause Campaign” please write us at give@urbantransformation.org and we’ll get in touch!
  • The 10-10-10 Challenge: Here’s the ultimate challenge. Get 10 people to give $10 for 10 months. We call it the 10-10-10 Challenge. That’s two to three Starbucks coffees per person per month going to the urban poor instead of a business conglomerate. Not such a big deal, right? How can you do this? Get your Facebook and Twitter friends involved in this challenge. Throw a dinner party and sign up 10 people during that event. Even better, encourage your friends to start a “10-10-10 Challenge” with their own friends. You get the idea. By spreading the idea of the “10-10-10 Challenge” you’ll help us and the urban poor tremendously. For more information on how you can start a “10-10-10 Challenge” please write us at give@urbantransformation.org and we’ll get in touch! Or you can instruct your friends how to give for the next ten months by sending them the link to our Donate page.

You get the idea: Give or get others to give!

Fundraising Resources

We’ve got a number of resources available to help you maximize the success of your fundraising. Here are some of the things you can download to help you.

  • Brochure about Transformación Urbana Internacional
  • PowerPoint about Transformación Urbana Internacional
  • Short Video Clip about Transformación Urbana Internacional

If you’d like the support and advice of our staff, please complete the form below and send it to give@urbantransformation.org and we’ll be in touch.


If you would like to support us, please Donate!