Interested in using your professional and educational skills to bring about change in urban poor communities? Consider working long-term for Transformación Urbana Internacional. Since change doesn’t happen overnight, we need more people who are willing to participate in this work over the long haul, starting with a minimum commitment of two years. Better more. We continuously need trainers and leadership developers, project managers, community organizers, public health workers, social entrepreneurs, youth workers, urban designers, counselors, graphic and media producers, translators, communicators, administrative assistants, computer whizzes etc. For a full listing of job openings, please download the following document – Transformación Urbana Internacional – Job Openings.

Please submit your resume/CV and cover letter to In your cover letter outline why you’re interested in joining Transformación Urbana Internacional, how you believe your skills and experience can help us fight urban poverty, and include how you heard about this opportunity. Get in the fight!

Join us!

P.S. Whenever possible, we expect international staff to raise their own salary based on standard Transformación Urbana Internacional compensation guidelines. While raising your own support is not super-attractive to many people, we assure you that it’s not that difficult either. Think of it this way. A huge benefit to raising your own support is that you get your own friends, family and colleagues to journey with you, including some people that otherwise would never give to the urban poor! If you desire, Transformación Urbana Internacional staff can provide you with training and coaching as you seek to raise support.


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