Be the change you want to see in our world by serving and using your skills and talents to bring about change!

Onsite Opportunities: Interested in participating in a short-term project? Our short-term service trips offer you the opportunity to work within a fast-paced and challenging environment. You will work closely with our Operations Team to make a real difference in the lives of some of our urban poor neighbors, or you will help us with important organizational tasks. Send us a letter of inquiry and we will discuss with you your possible involvement in one of our service trips. For logistical purposes we only accept individual inquirers for certain trips or volunteer opportunities. Otherwise, we generally work with entire groups. So organize your church or class or friends, and come together to serve! For more information please download our Service Trip Catalog and then contact us at, and we’ll get in touch!

Offsite Opportunities: Have you got a professional talent that you may be able to offer Transformación Urbana Internacional on a voluntary basis? Perhaps you’re a language translator or know about manuscript editing, graphic and web design, video production or software development. Perhaps you’re an expert on social networking, a great photographer or a passionate public speaker. Perhaps you’re a structural engineer, an architect or a business entrepreneur. Perhaps you’re an artist, a singer or songwriter. If so, we’d love to hear from you. We’re starting to develop a register of skills which may be useful for us to call on. There’s no guarantee we’ll need your particular expertise, but we’d love to know they exist so that when an opportunity arises we’ll know who to contact. Let us know about your area of expertise by sending the following form to and we’ll get in touch! Please note: you’re not committing yourself to anything at this stage!

Come and Serve!


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